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Thursday, 3 December 2020

Main Hall Calendar

Meeting Room Calendar

How to Book the Hall or Meeting Room

1. Check the calendar (sessions are shown as morning, afternoon, evening):-
- dates and times in red are fully booked
- amber shows provisional bookings
- green shows available sessions
- whole hall comprises Main Hall plus Meeting Room

Note: bookings for one or two hours might still be possible even if the session is displayed as Booked so best to check.

2. To book your event
- read and note all documents below
- make an enquiry first by emailing your requirements to the Bookings Secretary
- download, complete and sign the Booking Form and (if relevant) the Sale of Alcohol Form; scanned drafts can be emailed to the Bookings Secretary
- the Bookings Secretary will advise where to deliver the signed forms and deposit / payment.


The Hall can be booked by individuals or organisations and hire rates are applicable to the type of booking made.

All hirers need to complete and sign a Booking Form and read the Standard Conditions of Hire and the Information sheet. All bookings will be subject to the Terms & Conditions of hire.

If sale of alcohol is required a separate Sale of Alcohol Form must be completed and approved by the Village Hall Committee representative and the Designated Premises Supervisor, even if you plan to work with an individual license holder. Activities outside the Premises License times will require a TENS at the hirer's cost but with the permission of the Management Committee as there are a limited number of TENS annually.

All documents are available in PDF format; scroll through the list below.

Village Hall Booking Form & Information in PDF Format for Downloading

Link Title & Filename Description / Comments
Download Hire Rates 2017
Current rates for the hire of the Hall.
Download Booking Form
The Hire Agreement for the Hall or Meeting Room.
Download Standard Conditions of Hire
This must be read with the Booking Form.
Download Information for Users
Useful information about this Hall for our users; checklists for opening up and closing down.
Download Access Statement
Helping you envisage your visit to the Hall
Download Equipment Hire
Equipment hire booking form, rates and Terms & Conditions.
Download Sale of Alcohol Form
Essential if your event includes the sale of alcohol.

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