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Eydon Ladies Meetings in 2017

January Meeting

Eydon Ladies AGM followed by a Poetry and Pudding evening
Twenty One ladies attended the Eydon Ladies AGM was held on 18th January 2017 in the Village Hall. The meeting opened with minutes from last year followed by any matters arising. Sally as Chair gave a report on last years activities and events which had proved to be successful and with an increase of membership.

Sally then presented the committee with a small gift as a thank you for all help and their support during 2016.

Barbara as Treasurer gave her report on how are money was spent over the last year and announced we were in a good financial position but may have to look at fund raising if we overspend, she also collected membership fees of £25 during the evening.

Sue our Secretary gave her report on our exciting programme for 2017 which was well received, this was followed by the election of committee.

The evening progressed with a glass of bubbly for each member with some delicious puddings supplied by our committee. This was followed by some very amusing poems read by members of Eydon Ladies. The evening ending with members receiving copies of next years programme.

February Meeting

Eydon Ladies met in the village hall on 15th February 2017 with a change to the programme which was due to illness however Eydon Ladies will be able to enjoy an evening of country dance at a later date.

The change in programme meant the Eydon Ladies were left with no option but to do what they do best and that is a social evening with nibbles and wine.

The ladies entertained themselves with a cryptic pop quiz, with some of the members learning all about heavy metal bands. This was followed by several games of “play your cards right” proving how difficult it was to actually win, although we did manage to get two members who won twice.

Raffles prize winners were Judith Watson, Jenny Cherry and Sally Stretton.

March Meeting

Medical Detection Dogs
Eydon Ladies March meeting was held in the village hall on Wednesday 15th , with three vistors joining our group for the evening.

The ladies were given a very enlighting talk by Clair Farrah from the Medical Detection Dogs together with Shirley her daughters detection dog. Clair explained how it takes two years of training dogs before they are introduce to potential owners. Training commences from 12 months old for puppies who are capable of being used as detection dogs. It is extremely costly to train the dogs with no government funding; all monies are from donations made by the public.

Clair explained how she first got involved when her daughter was diagnosed as type 1 diabetic at the age of 4 years and how important her dog Shirley was at preventing diabetic coma’s by giving advanced warning of a possible incident.

Raffles prize winners were Heather Ivens, Val Jackson and Denise Palmer.

Our next meeting will be held on April 19th 2017 at 8.00pm in Eydon Village Hall with Geoff Pearce joining and sharing his interest in photography

April Meeting

Twenty One Eydon Ladies met in the village hall on Wednesday 19th April, with two vistors joining our group for the evening.

Geoff Pearce a regular speaker at Eydon Ladies intrigued us with the title of his talk “An Amusing Talk About Making Paradise” The ladies were given a very interesting talk on how Geoff became involved and interested in his love of gardens and gardening.

Geoff gave examples and simple tips how we could all achieve our own little paradise with a delightful slide show with different aspects demonstrating focal points, light and shade. Also explaining how we could make areas of our gardens into differing spaces with distinctive sections.

Geoff’s love of photography was also very much in evidence in his presentation.

Raffles prize winners were Jo Gascoigne, Angie Simmons, Denise Palmer and Ann Hedges.

Our next meeting will be held on May 17th 2017 at 8.00pm in Eydon Village Hall with Mr Thjago De Sousa will be joining us and sharing his knowledge of Brazilian cookery. All welcome to join us.

May Meeting

Eydon Ladies spent a delightful evening in the village hall on Wednesday 17th May when Mr Thyjago DeSousa came along with a friend to entertain us.

Thyjago who is Brazilian explained how his journey as a chef began, he ate all the wrong foods and became overweight before making the decision to come to Europe. When he arrived in London he first encountered a saucepan and became good at making pasta dishes for friends before moving on to other recipes.

His interest in food was born and he enrolled in one of the top cookery schools Le Cordon Bleu in France and after two years gained his certificates before joining Annabels in London as a pastry chef where his reputation grew. He then moved on to The Ritz but after a short time decided The Ritz was not for him.

Now without a job a friend asked him to help out at a photo shoot and from there he learnt his craft as a chef responsible for making food look great in photographs for magazines and top retailers such as M&S, Macdonalds etc but warned that food that looks good in a photograph is not necessarily edible due to the tricks of the trade.
Thyjago then moved onto television where he now workds on many TV cookery shows.

June Meeting

Eydon Ladies had a splendid evening last week courtesy of Jenny Cherry who kindly offered her garden as the venue for our annual garden party. Even the sun turned out to help the event along. Next meeting will be a walk to Harley Equestrian meeting at the village hall at 7.00pm on July 19th.

July Meeting

A number of Eydon Ladies met outside the village hall prior to walking to Harley Equestrian walking along the Preston Road before joining the foot path adjacent to Ashby’s farm before walking across the fields towards Harley Equestrian.

Thank you to Geoff for escorting us all across these fields especially the one with cattle that included calves and a bull making some of our ladies a little nervous in entering the field but we all managed to come out the other side in one piece.

We then proceeded to Harley Equestrian where were met by more ladies who decided to take their cars before being greeted by Martin and his team who provided us with well deserved refreshments of tea/ coffee and cakes.

August Meeting

Eydon Ladies were again lucky in their choice of outdoor activity when they chose to use Eydon Community Sports Field for games of boules in the newly built boules court also the croquet pitch kindly set out by Peter Keenan and Geoff Stretton.

We welcomed two visitors Shelly and Wendy who we hope enjoyed the evening; all members then played game of boules although perhaps the rules were not always adhered to in the strictest sense of the game, Ingrid proved to be skilled at this particular game.

The croquet teams did abide by the rules as much as possible but then we have had some practice in recent weeks at the Croquet Regatta held in July with Judith and Val showing their expertise on the night.

All this activity was followed by a well earned glass of wine and a few nibbles followed by the usual good humour and natter as only Eydon Ladies can do.

September Meeting

Eydon Ladies met in the village hall for the first time since May after the summer outdoor activities in June, July and August.

We welcomed two guests Val Jackson’s mother and Steve Fox’s mother who will become a resident of Eydon shortly.

Geoff Moore came along and gave an interesting talk on how the BBC programmes were produced following the start of Open University at Milton Keynes. Including some of the earlier programmes such as Tomorrows World and Nationwide demonstrating how labour intensive it was in the early years, all so very different from how things are done today.

We were also lucky enough to see films of steam locomotives on the Carlisle routes bringing reminiscence of a different era, together with wonderful scenic film of Lindy’s Farne and the first attempts at looking at saving the enviroment in Lake District and Yosemite Park in USA.

All followed by the usual tea and natter when raffle prizes were won by Gillian Keenan, Pauline Grant, Sally Stephens and Gladys Jeyes.

Our next meeting will be held on October 18th 2017 meeting at Eydon Village Hall at 8.00pm when Alison Grantham will be demonstrating “Gift Wrapping”.

October Meeting

Our Eydon Ladies October meeting welcomed Alison Grantham who showed how we can use and recycle materials to give our gift wrappings a more professional looks, surprising us all with some of the items used. Alison also demonstrated how to wrap those difficult shaped gifts .

November Meeting

Eydon Ladies met in the village Hall on Wednesday 15th November their last meeting in the village hall this year. Lyn Evans came along and gave a very interesting talk on the history of Christmas decorations describing how greenery in decoration was used before Christianity by the Romans, Druids and Vikings. Lyn then described how changes came about throught the ages, with the Puritans banning Christmas feasting but the Georgians brought Christmas back into fashion with huge parties that began on 6th December and finished on the 12th day of Christmas. The Victorians introduced family celebrations and the Christmas tree we use today.

Throughtout the demonstration Lyn regaled us with useful tips on how to make Christmas table decorations and wreaths which the ladies found very motivating in their own preparations for Christmas.
Members brought along their menu choice and monies in readiness for our Christmas meal at The Red Lion, Culworth on 8th December, transport will be organised before the day.

A small gift was given to our Treasurer Barbara who had a recent birthday and also to show our appreciation for holding the post of treasurer for so many years.

December Meeting

Eydon Ladies met on Friday 8th December for their annual Christmas dinner, held this year at The Red Lion, Culworth. A lovely evening with lovely ladies who know how to enjoy themselves. Our next meeting will be our AGM on Wednesday 17th January 2018.

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