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Eydon Ladies Group Calendar 2020

15 Jan '208.00pmEydon Ladies AGM social evening
21 Feb '208.00pmQuiz Evening
18 Mar '208.00pmKate Kee - Animal Assisted Therapy
15 Apr '208.00pmSteve Dimmer - Victoria Wood
19 May '208.00pmRock Those Frocks
17 Jun '207.0pmEydon Treasure Hunt
15 Jul '207.15pmAnnual Garden Party - At Sue Invernizzi
19 Aug '207.00pmSocial Evening - Eydon Sports Field
16 Sep '208.00pmSteve Bruce - Auctioneer
21 Oct '207.30pmHarvest Supper
18 Nov '208.00pmCheese & Wine Evening
11 Dec '207.30pmChristmas Meal

15th January 2020

Eydon Ladies AGM was held on 15th January 2020 in the Village Hall. The meeting opened with Stuart King from The Air Ambulance receiving a cheque for £200 collected at Eydon Ladies Christmas dinner in December and matched with donation from Eydon Ladies funds.
After the presentation Sally Stretton as Chair welcomed everyone, especially guests Hazel and Ruth and thanked members for their continued support for without member’s we would not be able to exist. A report on last year’s activities and events from country dancing through to Monologue man in November. This year we re-introduced the harvest supper which was very well supported by many villagers.
Our Treasurer Barbara Butler gave her report on how money is was spent over the last year and announced we were in a good financial position. Membership fees of £25 were collected during the evening.
Sue Invernizzi our Secretary gave her report on our exciting programme for 2020 which was well received, followed by the election of committee welcoming one new member Gladys Jeyes joining the 2020 committee. A vote was taken on possible change to Eydon Ladies logo for our 30th anniversary in 2021.

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