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Eydon Ladies Group Calendar 2018

16 Jan '188.00pmEydon Ladies AGM followed by Prosecco and Poetry Evening
21 Feb '188.00pmCountry Dance with Pat Cannell
21 Mar '188.00pmGeoff Pearce - Seeing through the Dark and into the Light
18 Apr '188.00pmDressing for Success - Susan Rasmussen
16 May '188.00pmRichard Gray - Inventions and Patents
20 Jun '187.15pmEydon Ladies Garden Party - Jenny Cherry
18 Jul '187.15pmCharwelton - History Walk - Graham White
15 Aug '187.00pmSocial Evening - Eydon Sports Field
19 Sep '188.00pmDinah Plumbridge - Reiki and Massage
17 Oct '188.00pmJewellery - Lizzie Coulter
21 Nov '188.00pmThemed Social Evening
7 Dec '188.00pmChristmas Meal (Friday)

17th January AGM 2018

Twenty-five ladies attended the Eydon Ladies AGM was held on 17th January 2018 in the Village Hall including five visitors’ apologies were received from six members.

The meeting opened with minutes from last year followed by any matters arising. Sally Stretton as Chair gave a report on last year’s activities and events which had proved to be successful and with an increase in membership.

The 2017 committee were presented with a small gift as a thank you for all their help and support during 2017, with special thanks to Sue McRoberts who has decided to step down from the committee after serving many years on the committee.

Our Treasurer Barbara Butler gave her report on how are money was spent over the last year and announced we were in a good financial position membership fees of £25 were collected during the evening.

Sue Inverrnizzi our Secretary gave her report on our exciting programme for 2018 which was well received, this was followed by the election of committee welcoming two new members Denise Palmer and Sally Stephens.

The evening progressed with a glass of bubbly for each member followed by some very amusing poems read by members of Eydon Ladies. The even

21st February 2018

Eydon Ladies meeting was held in the village hall on Wednesday 21st February, we were joined by two visitors joining our group for the evening.

This month was a meeting to keep us all warm when we were put through our paces by Pat Cannell and Diane Charteris who explained the history of how country dancing was first introduce into Britian.

Initially dances were for the elite society but were very difficult and complicated and taught by French Dancing Masters.

However the elite noticed that the hoi polloi seemed to actually be enjoying simpler dances and this encouraged John Playford to produce a book called “The English Dancing Master” in 1651 which was used in country dancing for more than 200 years.

However Eydon Ladies tried very hard but with some of us not knowing our right from our left some confusion reigned but thanks to Pat’s patience we all had a very enjoyable evening.

A small gift was presented to Sue McRoberts in appreciation for her support and help of Eydon Ladies over many years.
This month’s raffle was in remembrance of Kevin and raised the magnificent sum of £125 which will be donated to MacMillan Nurses. The prize winners were Pauline Grant

21st March 2018

Twenty One Eydon Ladies met in the village hall on Wednesday 21st March, when we welcomed one visitor to our group for the evening.

Geoff Pearce a regular speaker at Eydon Ladies intrigued us with the title of his talk “Seeing Through the Dark and into the Light” .

We were then shown several camera’s from early pocket size camera’s requiring rolls of film through to modern digital cameras including the most used camera of today the “mobile phone”.

The ladies were given a very interesting talk by Geoff on how we can all improve our photographs which in some cases involves rising before the sun is up or waiting until sunset to achieve spectacular shots. Geoff then showed us various categories of photos from portraits, animal, sea and landscapes.

Geoff gave us all some simple tips: stating “creativity favours the brave” photographer.

Raffles prize winners were Carmen Turbot, Val Jackson, Pauline Grant and Chris Howes.

Our next meeting will be held on April 18th 2018 at 8.00pm in Eydon Village Hall with Mrs Susan Rasmussen will be joining us with a talk “Dressing for Success”. All welcome to join us.

18 April 2018

Eydon Ladies met in the village hall on Wednesday 18th April, with two ladies from Moreton Pinkney joining us as our guests.

Susan Rasmussen with her friend Barbara came along to enlighten Eydon Ladies with the title of her talk “Dressing for Success” .

Several ladies were asked to step forward as models showing how colours can make all the difference on how we look. Even changing our mood in some cases by wearing the best colours to suit our complexions. We were then shown how several different shades of the same colour can make a change in our appearance.

What a delightful evening this was with a great speaker who passed on many tips on how we can make the best of ourselves and I think we all gained knowledge on how to make the best of what nature had given us.
Raffles prize winners were Shona our guest, Shona, Chris Howes, Carmen Turbott, Sally Stephens and Sue McRoberts.

Our next meeting will be held on May 16th 2018 at 8.00pm in Eydon Village Hall with Mr Richard Gray who will be joining us with a talk “Inventions and Patents”. This will be an open meeting when husbands and partners are welcome to join us.

16th May 2018

Eydon Ladies met in the village hall on Wednesday 16th May with eight gentlemen were welcomed to the Eydon Ladies Group as our guests.

Richard Gray was then introduced where he explained that he worked for many years in the motor industry with several of his inventions motor industry related. He had over the years made various inventions some small others larger. His invention ideas came in many different ways from moments of clarity to nightmares when inspirational ideas popped into his head.

Richard then showed examples of his inventions together with the patent paperwork and process describing how every intricate detail is required when applying for patents.

Raffles prize winners were Ann Jackson, Gillian Keenan, Gary Denby and Carmen Turbett.

Our next meeting will be held on 20th June 2018 at 7.15pm meeting outside the Eydon Village Hall when we will travel to Jenny’s house at Cannons Ashby for our annual garden party.

20th June 2018

23 Eydon Ladies met on Wednesday 20th June for their annual Garden Party held again this year at Jenny’s house in Cannons Ashby, the ladies met outside the village hall in Eydon where they were then taken to Jenny’s.

The weather turned out to be not as hot as we would have liked but it did not deter us from having a very warm welcome to the start of the garden party.

We then partook of wine and nibbles together with the usual good humour and conversation; ending the customary good evening due to the excellent company.

Thanks were expressed to Jenny for allowing us the use of her lovely garden with such spectacular views across the valley.

Our next meeting will be held on 18th July meeting outside the village hall at 7.15pm before traavelling to Charwelton village for a history tour by Graham White.

18th July 2018

Eydon Ladies travelled to Charwelton for historical talk with Graham White. Graham’s knowledge of Charwelton Church and the wonderful monumental brasses dating from the medieval period was remarkable and very inspirational we were all surprised at the historical facts. The original church dates back to 1290 and Charwelton once had 3 monestries. We were then shown the alabaster tomb of Sir Thomas and his two wives and the altar showing the ten commandments painted on the east wall. Graham explained why the original village was moved leaving the parish church situated so far outside the village.

Our next stop was refreshment at the village hall kindly laid on by Graham and his Aunty before walking to the medieval fishpond one of the original nine that Charwelton had; close to one of the original monastries.

Our thanks to Graham for taking the time to regale us with so much information about such a small village.

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