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Thursday, 3 December 2020

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Welcome to the Eydon Parish Council Website

Eydon is a generally quiet village, towards the south west corner of rural Northamptonshire. It comprises about four hundred inhabitants and has an aerial grid-like structure to its four principal roads and lanes. The centre area of the village has been designated a Conservation Area, seeking to retain this structure and the ambiance of local stone dwellings. Amongst this idyll there is a small band of elected villagers who have volunteered to promote its ongoing charm, to organsise its mundanities and to resolve minor disputes, as is within their power to do so. This merry band is called The Parish Council...

On this site, you can discover how the Parish Council is elected, its councillors and what it is busy doing. There is a document archive, provided in good faith but on an as-is basis, detailing past meetings and the past and current budgets. The general public are welcome to the monthly Parish Coucil meetings and have an opportunity at its commencement to raise village concerns and issues, particularly in regard to the distrubuted agenda for the meeting. There is an Annual Parish Assembly at which reports of the wide range of village activities are presented.

Next Event (the full diary is on the 'What we do' page):

8 Dec '207.30pmParish Council Meeting, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the meeting shall be held online, the details are to be confirmed. An agenda will be available for viewing on the Parish Council website 3 working days before the meeting. Please contact the clerk for more information if required via clerk@eydon-village.co.uk

Site Contents

The Navigation Menu beneath the heading, changes to eflect the area of the site you are visiting. Leftmost is always the main menu selection, or an option to return back to it. The main areas of the site are:-

  • Your Parish Councillors - who's who and their special interests in EPC life
  • What we do - activities of EPC, including planning, representation and other issues
  • Document Archive - past minutes, finances and special consultations / activities
  • Useful Links - links to planning and other regulatory bodies
  • Contact the Parish Council - how to contact the Parish Council with your views or concerns

Rightmost on the headings line, are different menus, such as a list of the Parish Councillors (accessing their individual web pages) on the Parish Councillors page.

The village of Eydon sits on the top of a hill, seen here from Canons Ashby

Eydon's action against Coronavirus 2020


In the face of increasing threat from coronavirus, we have decided upon a PLAN FOR THE WORST - HOPE FOR THE BEST approach to try and protect the health and well being of residents. We have contacted local relevant GP Practices for advice: The symptoms of Coronavirus are :

A new persistent dry cough, high temperature above 37.8 and shortness of breath.

If showing these symptoms please do not visit a GP SURGERY,PHARMACY OR HOSPITAL directly until instructed.

Phone 111 to speak to the NHS helpline directly, 111 also has an online Coronavirus service that can be accessed at https://111.nhs.uk/service/covid-19

For information about local assistance in Eydon please visit Coronavirus Eydon document available in the miscellaneous document archive.

External Audit 2019/20

The information relevant to the financial year 2019/20 can be found on the Accounts listing in the Archive section. Further information is available if required from the Clerk via eydonpcclerk@gmail.com

Village Design Statement

The Village Design Statements is now posted in the Archive area of the site. This was adopted last year and now forms part of local planning considerations. A higher-definition version is available from www.southnorthants.gov.uk/

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