Heading: Eydon Parish Council

Thursday, 13 August 2020

Members of Eydon Parish Council

Parish Clerk Andy Hartley

Appointed in September 2013.

The position of Parish Clerk is a paid appointment of the Parish Council and the duties are those of administration and support of the Parish Council, not one of decision making or influence. A lowly civil servant.

Special Interests

The work of a Parish Council Clerk is very varied and covers a wide range of required and acquired skills, as with my gardening job I am always keen to learn anything new to help me fulfill what is expected of me along the way. With my wife and family I live in Gayton and have done so for the bulk of my married life but I also have a strong affinity for this neck of the woods having worked on a large Farthingstone farm with additional land in Cherwelton.

I have a great respect for historic and rural Britain encompassing the peculiarities of village life and am acutely aware of their importance to many village residents, something one needs to be sympathetic to at times when performing the role of the clerk.

Away from my working life, cycling, walking the family and dogs, bell ringing and, more recently, learning to play the piano are what keep me going - with regard to the latter, my family tell me I have a long path ahead.

Mannings Yard, Eydon.  A modern development somewhat in keeping with the special character of Eydon

Contact Information

The Parish Clerk may be contacted through:

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