Heading: Eydon Parish Council

Thursday, 13 August 2020

Members of Eydon Parish Council

Councillor Carol Henson

Elected May 2015

I have lived in the village for over 25 years, and believe it is time that I gave something back to this community. In my years here, I have been involved at committee level in the Women's Institute, the Eydon Ladies Group and the Garden Society as well as being a member of other village organisations.

I have experience in conveyancing and administration, and am always interested in what Planning Applications have been submitted in the local area. Although I live in a relatively newer part of the village, I believe that the conservation area at the heart should be maintained and unsuitable development should not be permitted although I am in favour of more housing in other areas of the village, particularly if it is affordable by the younger or less well-off members of the community.

I strongly believe in social housing but appreciate that until local transport links are improved that it would be difficult to attract people to live in such a remote village.

Special interests

My other interests are photography, walking and history - local or otherwise.

Councillor Henson

Contact information

Councillor Henson may be contacted at:

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